5 minutes with Alex Galmeanu

If some people are looking for perfection their whole life, for other this is just a state of mind that only the ones who are lucky enough to find themselves around them are able to see it. Some people work a lifetime just to get to that perfect image and others are able to paint it with just a click of a button.

For a long time now, Romanian magazines discovered that fashion is best seen through the eyes and the lens of one leading man that is able to capture the moment like only a few can.  Ladies and gentlemen, meet Alex Galmeanu.


Your first photo shoot?

The first time I did that, I was on the roof of my house and I shoot a film with all the sightings I was able to see form there. The whole panorama landing in front of my eyes, which was actually the neighborhood I was living in. The funny part is that this first experience was more related to the lab and developing process. I was shooting as fast as I could in order to finish the film and get to the developing part. That was my problem since I already had a lab at home and I was trying to do that. Obviously it all went wrong, I ruined the film and only four frames survived. Frames that you can actually find somewhere on my blog, frames that I am deeply found of. They don’t necessary mean something. But the developing process, probably not the fittest and not the brightest, made these 4 frames, because the rest were ruined, look very Instagram like. They look extremely modern for out times, even if they are black and white. But those filters are real. There are flaws one after another that actually transforms themselves into effects.

Your first camera?

It is the same one I used in the context I’ve mentioned and it is a Smena. Smena, for those who are not aware, is the cheapest camera made in Rusia, with extremely few options but highly popular due to its low purchase price. Most of the people back then used to have one and mine came as a present from my brother.

The perfect light?

Hmm! The perfect light. There is a strong philosophical connotation in here… I do not know if I ever encountered the perfect light. I have the tendency, and it is healthy one if I might add, to be easily discontented with the things I am doing. But this discontent is constructive since it makes me try to get better and better. I do not believe I’ve reached to this perfect light and probably I would not even realize that I have when this is actually going to happen.


Do you have a favorite model?

Look, I really enjoy photographing actors. I do not have certain names to give since actually, my favorite model is a sum of several people. You know, if I could take the best out of each one of them, only then I would be able to build my ideal model. But I like photographing actors because, on their turn, they love playing and they love the game because obviously, this is what they do. These two approaches are quite interesting. Meaning, there is a point in which if you have the right context, the experiment is something that it is actually happening and I love it when it does. I love experiments. I love capturing unexpected things. Yes, I have a plan each and every time I am shooting something but I would like to be blown away, surprised by the person I am actually photographing. And this is something that it is happening quite often when it comes to the actors that are my subjects.

The most attractive thing at a woman?

I have a personal fetish. Strictly personal. It has nothing to do with my job. It is related to women’s feet and not quite… I do not know how to say this. The part with fingers. From the ankle down. This is the one that attracts me the most. But this is more of a personal fetish. I feel like I talking about something extremely private.

Photography. A team work?

Photography is a team work. The situation in which the photographer succeeds something by himself it is absolutely accidental. It is always a team work. There are many people moving around the camera in one way or another. Of course only one handles it but until you get to that magic button and that magic moment, there are a lot of people involved. And if one of them does not rise to the situation, that picture won’t be a good one.  It’s like in the kitchen. If one single ingredient is bellow the standards, your cake will not be that bright even if is cooked by a Parisian master chef.


After so many years in the industry, if you would lock back right now, what advice would you give to yourself?

What advice would I give to myself? I believe I would give me the one I am following for several years now: always keep a camera close to me. For a a long time I haven’t done that but it is happening for five or six years now. I constantly have it next to me. I wish I would have done that since the first time I laid my hands on a camera.

A favorite color?

I believe that for many years I had an obsession for orange.  And now, if I might say, orange does not bother me. Therefore, I might say orange.

Addicted to coffee?

I wouldn’t say that. I started to drink coffee not too long ago. I think three years ago and sometimes I start drinking it and then completely forget about it. And it is not a tragedy.

How about music?

Frankly, music is the perfect ingredient for a mood, for a context. Even when it comes to my job. It’s very hard to do a photo session without music. Very, very hard.

The last movie you’ve seen?

I think it was “Olympus Has Fallen” but I did not enjoy it.


The last book you’ve read?

“Crowd psychology”, this fall at the seaside. I’ve reread it actually.

A restaurant where we can meet you?

I have several restaurants, but in each and every one of them I go and eat the same kind of dish. If I want to change the dish I usually change the restaurant. I like “Gargantua” in the summer time for example. I like to stay outdoors in the summer and I do not like to stay indoors in the winter, but I have no choice. I would give you this name but it is not necessary the only one.

Is there another job you would have loved to practice?

Another job. I believe I would have been fit for anything related to creation, design, something to invent, something to skill. I like things with buttons, I like computers, I like things related to the internet… More or less this is the area I would have gone for.

The perfect vacation? In what city?

The perfect vacation is the one in which I can rent a car and drive for three weeks, just by placing my finger on the map. I do not know if there are favorite cities. I enjoy traveling in places that I’ve never visit before. I think these are the favorite cities.

And because we are at a shooting: male grooming. A necessity?

I do not go overboard with this, meaning I am not a fashion freak. I keep a certain distance although I see fashion every day and more or less I live from it. But on the other hand I am taking care of myself, meaning I run a lot, I workout on regular bases, I use moisturizers (some men are frighten by that but I find them very useful) and that’s all.

Credits and Special Thanks to Alex Galmeanu / Alex Galmeanu blog.

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