BRACHMANN: Postclassical Menswear

It is in BRACHMANN’s DNA to highlight the contrast between timeless forms of architecture and the dynamic forms of fashion. And oh, how we felt for the structural lines we saw at their Stage Event during Berlin Fashion Week… No wonder where these architectural lines are coming from: turns out, Jennifer Brachmann -the fashion designer behind BRACHMANN- is also an architect.

A collection we will always remember for the very intersting collards adorning men shirts, BRACHMANN’s idea of Spring/Summer was very much in line with how these two seasons look like in Berlin.

While most of the looks had a businessy and formal feel, BRACHMANN took officewear to a brand new level exploring the fancy side thanks to very special materials. We spotted an amazing, really shiny trench coat in calm burgundies that would make for the best ally.

One thing is sure: after watching this show, we believe in Postclassical Menswear, one that “opens up space for the individual expression of masculine identity”, as stated by the Brand itself.

Images and video courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin.

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