The Killer Jackets of Brandon Flowers


Let’s share it with the world: we love Brandon Flowers! Together with his rock band, The Killers, they are one of the most influential and importan rock groups of the moment. With singles like “Somebody told me”, “When we were young” or the newest “Shot the night” they lead the lists of the best selling songs of the last years. However, Brandon Flowers is not just the singer of a rock band, but also a real style icon. Their outfits are commented and imitated by all because of his key item: the jackets.

In the editorial team of Fashion Days we can’t  hide any longer how much  we love Brandon Flowers… and his looks! Little by little, he has clearly defined his style to make original, eclectic yet extremely elegant. He is hardly seen in the same suit twice. His suits of choice are slim fit (normally black) trousers, three piece suits.However, the key element of his looks are these bizarre but perfect jackets that make each of his appearences unforgettable. This kind of “career” as an style icon of Brandon Flowers started long ago as he has always shown that involuntary coolness from the very beginning. However, the moment that established him as a reference on the men fashion world came thank to his popular feathers jacket. Brandon Flowers wore it for the release of their album “Day & Age”.  This jacket was created by Dolce&Gabanna but customized with pheasant feathers by British designer “Mrs. Jones”. It has feather on the shoulders but also a large pin on the front pocket.


From silver silky tuxedos in a 70’s style,  to red blazers with white geometric print or the legendary wasted black leather jacket, the interest of Brandon Flowers for statement jackets started long ago when he began to wear many pieces from Dior Homme designed by its former creative director, Hedi Slimane. He  clearly feels confident over the stage (and out of it) and that is exactly what makes him looking so good.  As a consequence, he won British GQ’s Most Stylish Man Award of 2008.


He also loves returning to the mythical sequins jacket to add a more funny or eccentric touch. The shirts? Normally rolled up or short sleeves shirts that change from funny prints to plain styles. From leader of a rock band to style icon: it seems that Brandon Flowers knows the recipe to perfectly combine both succesfull roles. And yes, he does it pretty well.


Photo credits: Getty Images – Dove Shore/ Kevin Mazur/ Gary Gershoff/ KMazur/ Araya Díaz/ Jeff Kravitz/ Denis Truscello

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