Best Red Carpet looks of the week

This has been SUCH a week for red carpet. We first got a young-ess overload on Sunday evening during the Video Music Awards. Then we crossed the road and turned our heads to the more dressed-up flare of the Emmy Awards. Finally, the Venice Film Festival with its very calmed down European vibe is making us fall in love with all the celebs there.

With such a vast amount of people wearing fancy clothes we just had to make a roundup of best dressed stars. Our editors sat down, voted and here’s the result. Enjoy!

Kendall, we are chosing you from the Kardashian-Jenner pack because, girl, you rock big time. We saw you in your runway debut earlier this year and now you’re in the September Issue of American Vogue. Where will the new season bring you?


This is about best dressed, so we couldn’t leave Lucy Liu out of the ecuation. She looks timeless in this Zac Posen dress.


J.Lo was looking her best at the VMAs, considering the fact that she was only half-way styled and still she killed it. Point made: she is amazingly fit and for some reason her body seems to never age. You will be surprised to know that she just turned 45…Jennifer-Lopez-VMA-2014

The cartoonish denim look chosen by Katy Perry and Riff Raff was nothing new to the VMAs red carpet. You only have to look back in time –to, let’s say, sweet 2001- to find the former in-love’s Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wearing the exact same outfit. Seems like an irony to us, cause after all, aren’t all the red carpet gowns the same?Katy-perry-VMA-2014

January Jones’ Prabal Gurung red gown at the Emmys was something out of this world.January-Jones-Emmy-2014

Taylor. Oh, Taylor. We will intentionally not mention the fact that you forgot your trousers at home. But you are wearing Mary Katrantzou and we understand the statement that makes. So we shall applaud you for your choice, since this was the year when the VMAs dressing code included no dressing at all.Taylor-Swift-VMA-2014

Let’s all have a minute to process Kerry Washington’s stunning smokey eyes at the Emmys and her beautiful Prada dress. Because you know what they say, “Orange is the new black”.


Allison Williams. We just can say yes to you in this dress. So, yes. YES.Allison-Williams-EMMYS-2014

This week wasn’t all about the VMAs and the Emmys. The Venice Film Festival is happening too, and it’s certainly delighting us with its usual understated elegance. Emma Stone is just one of those people whose style we could love even if she was wearing jogpants and sneakers. But oh, how splendid she looks here too!Emma-Stone-Venice-2014

Yes, we admit we loved Miley at the VMAs arrivals. Because seriously: a leather combo and a pixie… only? No more fuzz? No twerking? No giant teddy bears or singing cats? Looks like someone’s growing up… Miley-Cyrus-VMA-2014

Beyonce was crowned the queen of the night at the VMAs. Period.Beyone-VMA-2014

We don’t know if this happens to you too, but everytime we look at Claire Danes we remember a younger version of herself kissing an already-too-handsome-to-be-true Leonardo Dicaprio. Red color fits her wonderfully, don’t you think?Claire-Danes-EMMYS-2014

This is THE Gwen Stefani we’ve been missing for so long. Her eye-popping styling choice is making us blush.Gwen-Stefani-VMA-2014

Recently shortlisted as one of the 15 badass teenagers of our times, Chloe Grace Moretz showed up in baby-pink pants to the VMAs red carpet. She got really bad press fo her styling choice, but we genuinely liked her. GO CHLOE!Chloe-Grace-Moretz-VMA-2014

We have mentioned Lucy Hale a couple of times in The Daily Issue already. So for some of you she may look quite familiar. Most commonly known for her role as Aria Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars, she just released a country music album that’s making our hearts beat fast. The question here is: what will Lucy turn into in a couple of year? Remember that Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus were both country singers too…Lucy-Hale-VMA-2014

Seeing Bianca Balti out of a Dolce & Gabbana ad feels kind of empty. But her dress filled that emptiness up. Her makeup is everything we want for Fall.Bianca-Balti-Venice-Film-Festival-2014

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Credits: Getty Images.

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