Fashion Talks: Adina Vlad

Today at Fashion Talks we will unveil the secret behind perfect skin, cover the Fall Winter makeup trends and talk about beauty no-go’s with Adina Vlad, the beauty artist who brought magic to our Fall Winter campaign.


The coolest thing about organizing a fashion photoshooting –apart from the clothes and the non-stop catering- is getting to collaborate so closely with the amazing team that makes it possible.

This is why when we shot the images of our new FW14 campaign in Bucharest last August we didn’t miss the chance to interview Adina Vlad.

Adina sat down with one of our fashion editors after the long shooting day and explained us how the extreme heat –it was 40ºC!- didn’t stop her from achieving the beauty looks she had pictured.

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How to keep your makeup in place in hot weather.

Keeping your makeup alive when it’s boiling hot outside is an odyssey for everyone. So this obviously was the kick-off topic for our interview with Adina.

“I decided to keep it all very simple and natural because I already knew it was going to be challenging”, Adina started. “Skin was very important, this is why I prepared it before with moisturize and a little massage. I used some Face and Body from MAC, which is a fluid water-resistant foundation that is very easy to retouch”.


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No heavy makeup. Never.

Adina confessed that she didn’t really use that much makeup on the models. “I don’t recommend the use of too much makeup. You can easily retouch it during the day without making it look too thick! So no heavy makeup for modern girls. Never!”.

Adina told us that the most important rule in makeup is “less is more! If you have any imperfection on your skin, just correct that part only, and not all the face”. That is why she used very light foundation and powder.

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Decades inspire beauty looks too.

“My inspiration for today came from the clothes”, Adina started. “After talking to the stylist and seeing the models, I knew the direction I wanted to take”.

When asked about what beauty look she applied to each of the models, Adina guided us through all the process explaining in detail how she worked it out.

“Alex Sandor’s beautiful face structure took me to the 50s and the 60s”, Adina said. “She’s got those expressive eyes and round mouth that immediately clicked to me: so I went for red lips and cat eyes”.

Her instinct told her that Alex would look great with simple, glowy skin –which is very trendy right now- combined with some retro accents. “Even though we changed Alex so many times, the retro feeling was kept all the way”.


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Combine smokey eyes with nude lips.

Cornelia Tat was for her a representation of the modern girl. “That’s why smokey eyes was my go-to choice. She’s got those gorgeous eyes that strike you when you see her”.

Adina recommended us that in order to keep our look effortless but chic, we shall combine smokey eyes with nude lips. “You don’t do strong smokey eyes with bold lips. It’s always better to go for nude hues, or maybe lip gloss”.


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Eyebrows. Eyebrows. Eyebrows.

Andrei Andrei was the talk of the town with his mysterious charm. “He’s gorgeous”, Adina confessed, “he’s got this dark appeal, and this very structural, boney face that makes for a natural beauty attribute… so he doesn’t need anything!”.

Adina worked his eyebrows out, to enhance and define the shape. “But not only for Andrei! I decided to go for very arched, thick and structural eyebrows for all three. I think this gave a modern twist to the whole appearance of the shooting, and it looks very well put together”.


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Adina’s favorite beauty combo

When it comes to brands, Adina’s favorite combo is the Face and Body foundation by MAC, a very good concealer like MAC Prolonguer concealer and Chanel Translucent powder. “These three products will make your skin look great. You can touch it up as much as you want without making it cakey”. Remember what she said before: less is more!


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Fall Winter Beauty Trends

The Fall Winter look for girls includes a very good glowy, dewy healthy looking skin, which you can achieve with Adina’s favorite beauty combo mentioned above.

“Then you can either go for strong lips or strong eyes (smokey or graphic eyes are super in!)”, Adina continued, “but it’s specially important to never combine the beauty trends at the same time”.

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