Fashion Talks: Alex Sandor

Relaxed, easy going, charming, extremely beautiful and constantly wearing a smile on her face, Alex Sandor was the name on everyone’s lips at the shooting dedicated today to Fashion Days new FW Campaign. From DKNY to Marc Jacobs, she worked for the biggest names in the industry, she graced the covers of Harper’s Bazaar like only a few can and today, she reminded us that beauty also comes from the inside and not only from the outside.


When did you start modeling?

I started a long time ago. 8 years ago.

What kind of jobs did you did at the beginning?

All kind of jobs. My first trip was to Japan I think and there I took all kind of jobs. There were catalogues, shows, magazines. I really liked it from the beginning. I liked most the traveling part of it and than I got to know people and I really loved the job.

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Your biggest gig so far?

I think it was the Marc Jacobs campaign for the Daisy fragrance and the DKNY campaign.

Your workout routine/healthy living?

I use to do yoga and gym sometimes, but not a lot really. Regarding the health routine, I don’t know… I just became vegetarian 2 months ago. I think is healthier.


Since you travel so much because of your work, how do you keep up with your workout and this healthy food routine?

With the healthy food is really difficult to keep up. It is hard to find it in the airports. But with the workout it’s fine. You can check on the Internet and find fast whatever you want. To the gym I am going when I stay in a place for longer time. But for yoga classes, if I am there for a week, I can check online.


A trend that you cannot wait to wear this fall?

I don’t really like fall and I never had one thing I wanted to wear most. For me is like: if I see it and I like it, I take it. I not like I am waiting for something. I’ve never done that.

In your free time: flats or heels?


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The things you would never travel without?

My phone, my passport and my credit card. I am always concerned to have them. If I have these things, I know I am all right. I can handle everything.

About today. What were the challenges of the photo shooting?

The heat. It was really, really hot. That was the biggest challenge.

A role model in the fashion industry?

Not really. I look at models and I like something in particular from each of them. I don’t have somebody that I like everything about.


Do you keep up with the runway shows when Fashion Week starts? Are you bringing the new trend right after in your daily dressing routine?

After one show, there are pieces that I really like and yes I insert them in my outfits. But I am not like: I want to have all the new collection.


A feedback regarding this day?

Today was great. I liked the team, I liked the clothes… It was really nice.

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