Fashion Talks: Marianna Cimini

Marianna Cimini Fashion Designer

There are different ways to see and interiorize fashion. Some people like the meaning of nowness and live as it happens today -the Carpe Diem enthusiasts, if you may- whereas other people, like us at The Daily Issue, are always with our eyes on what’s gonna happen tomorrow. This is one of the reasons why we follow such gifted emerging designers like Marianna Cimini very closely: they are the next big thing in fashion!

Meet Marianna Cimini, the young Italian fashion designer who stole our hearts with her contagious enthusiasm and amazing talent. Our Fashion Editor met her two years ago during Milan Fashion Week and was immediately hooked by her work. “With an exquisite bauhaus flare, delicious tailoring, some drops of tomboyish style and eye-catchy polka-dotted Superga”, our Fashion Editor remembers, “Marianna was making such strong statement. Everything she did had a concept. She translated decades and sociocultural phenomenons into clothing in such an unexpected way!”.

And as success knocks at her door -she is one of the “Who is on next? 2014” finalists and her designs have been seen on Marion Cotillard herself- we’re so curious about Marianna’s personal experience. Join us in our fashion talk with her!


It seems like you are living every girls’ dream. Does it feel like it?

Absolutely yes! Being among the “Who is on next? 2014” finalists is one of the most incredible experiences that can happen to a young emerging fashion designer. It feels like walking 3 feet above the ground.

What do you love and what do you hate about being a fashion designer?

I love the curiosity that all creative jobs share. I love the continuous research, the collaboration with artisans, overcoming your own limits and pushing your creativity forward season after season. Being extremely clumsy as I am means I have love-hate relationship with parties, cocktails and every socially intense situation.

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If you were to choose anyone in this world, whom would you like to dress? Or did this dream already come true with the dress you made recently for Marion Cotillard at Cannes? Please, tell us more about that! We love Marion. Is she such a great person as she looks?

Being able to dress Miss Cotillard has definitely been a dream coming true. She’s among the actresses I appreciate the most: elegant, gorgeous, talented. She’s been really kind and her staff was extremely helpful to me and my team. To be honest, I couldn’t believe at first that Miss Cotillard was interested in my creations, but then, when I saw the first pictures, I was completely overcome by joy!

Of course I am just at the beginning and I would love to see my dresses being appreciated by many more personalities in the spotlight such as Sofia Coppola, Keira Knightly, Anne Hathaway, Tilda Swinton or the rising star Lupita Nyong’o.


Just in short, in you opinion, what were the most important steps in your life towards becoming great fashion designer?

I love competitions, I find them extremely stimulating and meritocratic. Winning few of these competitions always set the milestones of my career: “Riccione Moda Mare” led me to my first job in MaxMara, “Next Generation”, sponsored by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, pushed me to develop my first capsule collections and thanks to “Who is on next? 2014”, sponsored by AltaRoma and Vogue Italia, I will have the opportunity to set up my first fashion show.

In my opinion MaxMara experience played a key role in my formation, as I believe that working in such an outstanding company helped me shape my own personal style and working habits.

And what are going to be the next ones?

For now heart, mind and all of my energies are all focused on “Who is on next? 2014”, I can’t wait! In the long term I’d love to be able to further develop our distribution channel to fully satisfy the requests that we receive from our customer base… rest assured we are working on it!!


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Credits: Courtesy of Marianna Cimini (Fall Winter 2014/15 collection). Photography by Mike Mellia.

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