Hair Trend: The side-do

When in doubt, roll your hair on a side.

It was impossible for us to not realize that there was something going on with the hair of our favorite celebrities during Cannes Film Festival. There was a repetition, and when something gets repeated, this means TREND ALARM!

Easy as it gets, voluminous, sometimes with a 90s-inspired little wave (copying Lorde anyone?): the hair on the side has become the icon of understated beauty and our go-to hairdo for every morning.

Now, how can you copy this hairstyle on your daily life?

Rule number one is: keep it natural! Pin-up style is fine for the evening, but if you are looking for something that will just go along with your flattering summer dresses, you gotta keep it real.

But real doesn’t mean no hair products! Rule number two is: give that hair the power it deserves! Apply a specific product for boosting your hair volume before styling it with the hairdryer. Then choose one side and take your hair there with your fingers starting with the part above your forehead. Use your fingers as a comb and think of Ariel’s oversized waved bangs (yes, we’re quoting the Little Mermaid here).


Amber Heard worked her waves effortlessly and held her hair on her left side.

When all your hair is on the side, you gotta follow rule number three: roll it, baby! Apply your favorite oil –or antifrizz serum-, take your hair as if you wanted to do a side pony tail, and start rolling it to the outside. This will get a better hold if your hair is still a bit warm from the hairdryer (if not, use it for a minute while holding the rolled hair).

Rule number four: hang in there, beautiful hair! Use hidden bobby pins in the back of your hair to bring an extra hold to this hairdo (great for windy days), and then use hairspray to keep the waves nice and curly.


Cara Delevingne held her hair with bobby pins on the back for a rock’n’roll look.

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Credits: Getty Images.

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