Jump into Fall: Day 6

Our guide to transitional looks

What’s more iconic than your summer days? Exactly: your Summer Nights. And with them, the evening dresses we’re all so sad to say goodbye to until next year.

Much have those dresses lived and seen as to be forgotten though. Think of all those summer nights spent with friends over delicious aperitivos and dinners by the seaside, parties that lasted until sunset and, well, the consequent summer loving flirts.

Now we’re here to ask you to not store that beauty just yet. Stretch that farewell while you can, lady! Cause “uh-oh, those summer nights…”.

Jump into Fall Evening Dresses

We consider our own relationship with such piece so deep and so personal that it’s only us (in this case, you) who can judge whether or not the dress deserves to be taken into Fall.

But beware: we do not want to lie to you. Unfortunately, not all evening summer dresses are appealing enough for the new season. We have to minimize the risk of commiting a style crime by not making a smart choice. Therefore, we recommend you to check the dress materials, prints and colors to make sure it is Fall-appropriate. You will have to use some self-criticism here but it worths it.

Once you’ve accomplished this task, it’s time to get yourself a headsturning jacket to warm you up when Fall nights get chilly. Switch your ankle-strapped open-toe shoes for a pair of delicious stilettos and grab a leopard clutch. Cause hey, leopard will be everywhere this season and you still want your evening summer dress to feel super “right now”.

Fashion Days says:

A dress speaks about one’s personal style, sets the mood and makes a statement. In that right ensemble make you look perfect but a word of advice: don’t try to outdress the dress. Coordination is the thing to have in mind if you plan to transform even the simplest dress into a game changer. Fashion Editor @ Fashion Days.

We are getting to the very end of our Jump into Fall series. Come back tomorrow for our last transitional look proposal.

Meanwhile, there is still a selection of transitional picks for woman and for men on our webshop. Check it out as well!

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M by Maiocci Burgundy Dress, available at your local Fashion Days webshop[/column]
[column]Diesel Jacket
Diesel jacket, available at your local Fashion Days webshop[/column]
[column]Roberto Botella stilettos
Roberto Botella stilettos, available at your local Fashion Days webshop[/column]

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[column]GEOX leopard clutch
Geox leopard clutch, available at your local Fashion Days webshop[/column]

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