Jump into Fall: Day 5

Our guide to transitional looks

The tube skirt was probably one of the most style-advanced skirt shapes to try this summer. Especially the ones with a very elastic composition seemed to be made just for our shape, whatever that was, making our silhouette appear so flawless.

We tried it with t-shirts, we tried it with light sweaters and some of the wildest even dared to combine it with a matching crop top. (To those of you who mastered this, we are sending you a high-five!).

Tube skirts will transition into Fall if you want them to. And oh yes, they can get even better than they ever were.

Jump into Fall Tube Skirt

One of the things we will 100% try this Fall is the scarf-as-a-cape look. We felt so inspired by the way Burbery Prorsum styled its models on their Fall Winter presentation that we just want to quickly adopt this trend. On one hand it adds the right amount of cozyness and on the other it looks very high-fashion.

Tools you need to make this a success: a top, a big wooly scarf, a belt and a tube skirt. The steps are very easy. First of all, cover yourself with the scarf, as you would do with a blanket. Make sure that you achieve a flattering neckline with it and control that the ends of the scarf are both at the same level. Then take your belt and put it around your waist, wrapping the scarf but in a loose way.

We recommend you to do this in front of a mirror so that you can control the entire process and have an immediate feedback. Don’t overdo it. If you spend more than 10 seconds working this out, then you are not going to get this right.

Then get yourself some high-heeled ankle booties. The belt around your waist will give an optical illusion that you have longer legs if you do so.

Fashion Days says:

Tactile and luxurios, the fall scarf bring that elegant final touch to a day-to night outfit. Select it with extra care this essential accessory and use it not only as a style signature but also to dress up the most basic elements from your wardrobe. Fashion Editor @ Fashion Days.

Tomorrow we will take your favorite summer nights dress into Fall in a few steps, on our sixth transitional look proposal. There is also a selection of transitional picks for woman and for men on our webshop today. Don’t miss it!

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