The best beauty videos in YouTube

Recently, the fashion online publication Fashionista published a list with the 10 most popular beauty videos of the history of YouTube. In Fashion Days we want to also approach you these videos as it seems they are really useful and funny at the same time.

The first one is a acne-covering make up tutorial by Cassandra Bankson, a California-based model. The video was posted in 2010 and, in less than 3 years it has been seen more than 20 millions times!

The make-up lesson of Cassandra is followed by the last campaign of Dior Homme fragance, starred by Robert Pattinson. Althought it was just uploaded in September, it has already reaches 14, 368,643 views.

A leopard print eyes make up tutorial hosts the third place with more than 12 millions of views.

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Photo credits: Getty Images – Hulton Archive

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