The Big Four: fashion capitals of the world

There are quite a few cities which could make a great influence on the world of fashion but if we’re talking about the most important fashion capitals there are four which undeniably rule all: the Big Four of fashion. London, Paris, Milan and New York.

The biggest fashion houses and brands are located in these cities, the most influential designers work there, fashion fairs, exhibitions and award shows take place, the biggest fashion magazines are published here, so practically everything concerning the world of fashion starts from these capitals. Their reign on the world of fashion is underlined by the fact that they host the most awaited and most important fashion weeks which will define the newest trends.

If we look back on history it’s easy to see how these capitals had become such important and influential focal points for fashion. Centuries ago it was the richest imperial capitols which dictated fashion, thus London became one of the first fashion capitals of the world in the Elizabethan era.Half a century later all the world looked up to the royal court of Louis XIV. when the Parisian fashion was most desired and admired. Paris’s dominance endured till the 20th century when Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent made the French capital the most important fashion city in the world. Paris is still the center of haute couture and the perfume industry till this day, though other cities constantly challenge it for the role of the world’s number one fashion capital.

The 20th century when trends and fashion changed more rapidly then ever gave opportunity for new cities to shine and participate in forming the trends. That was the era when New York had risen and became just as influential as London or Paris.

Italy also played an important part in fashion history. Florence, Rome and Milan were the most favoured destinations for artists during the centuries and the Italian Renaissance had a huge impact on European fashion for a very long time. Milan also emerged in the 20th century as a new fashion capital. Italian fashion houses provide a glamourous but practical option in ready-to-wear for the fashionistas, while Paris offers the more extravagant and rebellious collections.

Here at Fashion Days we can’t wait for the Big Four’s fashion weeks! These collections will undeniably have a huge effect on the 201415 fall-winter trends, so make a note in your calendar and make sure you mark the following dates:

06-13 February: New York fashion week
14-18 February: London fashion week
19-24 February: Milan fashion week
25 February – 05 March: Paris fashion week



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Photo credits: Gettyimages – Mlenny Photography, Marcaux, Richard Boll, JLPH, Blend Images – Granger Wootz

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