The City of Love

We have come to the conclusion that one of the reasons why we adore Paris is because of that romantic vibe that the city has. When asking our Fashion Days insiders about the first word that came to their minds when thinking of Paris, most of them reacted quickly saying: oh, love!
Our colleague Stepanka from Fashion Days Czech Republic has shared with us her first experience in Paris, don’t miss it!


Many people call it “City of Love” for its beautiful and romantic views and scenarios. But its not just love that makes this city unforgettable it’s the atmosphere, people and art that is surrounding you on every step you do. When I arrived to Paris for the first time in April 2010 I felt like Alice in the Wonderland. The glamour of this ancient city offered me to discover the brand new world of fashion, high street class and the extravagance at the same time. Streets covered by the artists and musicians and full of people who do not care about fashion, they live it!

It’s worth to be seen.

PS. Don’t forget they have Disneyland 🙂




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Photo credits: Getty Images. Photographers Mike Hewitt, Bruce Benett, Gareth Cattermole.

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