What sombre means to your hair

What may look like a typing mistake has become the coolest hairstyle of the moment and we want to tell you everything we know about it.

Sombre has slowly begun to push the über popular ombre style away from hairdressing saloons. But what is this sombre style about?

The word itself comes from the combination of two other words: soft and ombre. It means it is a softer variation of ombre style. If you ask your hairdresser to get you a sombre look, you should know that the result will be a color only two to three shades lighter than your roots.

While you could think this look may be a blondes-only thing, we believe it’s still a great option for brunette hair as well. In fact, brunettes will get a deliciously enriched hair color with golden, caramel and honey shades. Swoon!

One thing is sure about sombre though: it looks definitely more natural and easygoing that the dip-dye ombre will get you. So before visiting your saloon just ask yourself: do I want something more subtle or something more exagerated?

In other words: do you prefer ombre style like Nina Dobrev’s one (on left side) or sombre style like Shay Mitchell’s (on right side) as we showed you in this blog post about Celebrity Hair? You will notice the difference by checking the contrast between their roots and ends.


So, will you go for sombre hair this season? Hit the comments and let us know what you think!

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