We editors at The Daily Issue have a strong crush on vintage apparel and accessories. We often travel to all kind of places in search of the latest vintage treasures that we collect and cherish forever.

A small boutique in Paris may be the door to our next Chanel vintage wallet; a flea market in London may lead to finding a worn-out yet absolutely charming Burberry coat. Every little corner is worth visiting when hunting for pre-loved items!

Truth is, one can never know where the right vintage pieces may be found, which is exactly why when we heard that we were going to have a Louis Vuitton selection of vintage bags at Fashion Days our hearts raced fast.

But why should you invest in a piece that’s already been used in the past? We vintage enthusiasts have a bunch of reasons to #loveitagain.

For us it’s mainly a matter of heritage. Imagine this French girl in the early 70s who just received a Louis Vuitton shoulder bag as a present from her grandmother. She wore this bag to every love date, every jazz concert she went to and every arts exhibition she attended on her often trips to Paris. As time went by she grew rich and interesting, and so did her precious Louis Vuitton bag, which she carried with pride through the decades. We can dream to be that same girl right now, and such precious treasure as her Louis Vuitton bag falls perfectly into the equation.

Vintage pieces make us feel like we are somehow being absorbed by the wheel of time. It’s like adopting a new-old bag that’s got a lot of great stories to tell. And the only thing you have to do is to #loveitagain and continue making history!

Here come our favorite picks from the Louis Vuitton vintage selection:

Louis-Vuitton-Vintage-Classic-BagLouis-Vuitton-Vintage-Sack-BagLouis-Vuitton-Black-Bag Louis-Vuitton-Vintage-Backpack Louis-Vuitton-Vintage-Blue-Bag

Louis-Vuitton-Vintage-Shopping-BagLouis-Vuitton-Messenger-BagLouis-Vuitton-Vintage-Travel-Bag Louis-Vuitton-Vintage-Red-Shoulder-Bag

Head to your local Fashion Days webshop today for more Louis Vuitton vintage bags!

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Credits: Getty Images (Gallery Images).

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